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Migrant Voices: Stories of Seasonal Agricultural Workers in Manitoba

The MWSN and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released this report in May 2013. You can access the report here, and read about the government’s very positive response to the report here.

Canadian Council of Refugees report card on migrant worker protections

The Canadian Council of Refugees released a series of report cards in May summarizing and evaluating the approaches of the provincial and federal governments on protecting the rights of migrant workers in the “low-skilled” streams of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Province by province, they examine progress in introducing protections and supports for migrant workers.

The entire report can be found here on their website, and the Manitoba-specific section can be found here. Note that the report cards were produced prior to the announcement that the provincial government would expand provincial health-care coverage to include workers in the province through the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program.

The Migrant Worker Solidarity Network is happy to have been able to contribute to the report.

Presentations on Migrant Worker Issues

About Migrant Workers and the MWSN – a presentation by MWSN members about the MWSN and the issues we work on.

Food System Localization & Migrant Labor – a presentation by MWSN members about how migrant labour fits into the issue of ‘buy local’.

Interviews on Migrant Worker Issues

Gustavo Mejicanos of the Agricultural Workers Alliance on labour issues for Manitoba farm workers (courtesy of CKUW 95.9 and Mud and Water Radio). Download

Thomas Novak of St. Ignatius church on Canada’s temporary foreign worker programs (courtesy of CKUW 95.9 and Mud and Water Radio). Download


Matices (Perpectives): “Temporary” Migration in Canada: this documentary is “the result of a profound piece of work on the complex phenomenon of labour migration…. While for some Canadians the temporary workers are but machines generating profits, for others they represent an opportunity to discover points of view and nuances that enrich the human sensibility. This documentary enters into this view and is an invitation for reflection on the way we receive those who come from far away looking for a better quality of life.” You can watch the trailer here, available from their Facebook page.

Migrant Dreams: a feature documentary (done by the same person behind El Contrato) that takes you into the world of women who have left home to work in Canada in order to support their families. Still in production, but you can read more about it here.

El Contrato: a documentary following a group of Mexican migrant farm workers as they travel to Canada to work in the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP) in Ontario. Available online courtesy of the National Film Board for free here.