What is the MWSN?

What is the Migrant Worker Solidarity Network?

The Migrant Worker Solidarity Network acts in solidarity with migrant workers in Manitoba and around the world. Currently our focus is on farmworkers who come to Manitoba from Mexico through the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP). We work to:

  • find ways to¬†get to know migrant workers: put names, faces and stories to the workers who grow your food – if you want ideas for how to do this, be in touch with the MWSN
  • befriend migrant workers and support them personally
  • lobby decision-makers for improved working and living conditions for migrant workers
  • educate the broader public on the realities that migrant workers face.

We are made up of labour, faith and community activists. Many of us have long-standing connections to Mexico and Latin America.

How can I support migrant workers in Manitoba?

There’s three simple things you can do to support migrant workers here in Manitoba:

  1. Join the MWSN and attend our monthly meetings.
  2. Participate in our initiatives.
  3. Invite the MWSN to do a presentation to your community.

How do I get in contact with the MWSN?

You can either e-mail us (info@mwsn.ca) or give Karen a call at 204-926-7905 to find out more information about the MWSN, such as when our next meeting will be held.